In the Middle of Everywhere!

Have you ever felt stuck in the Middle of Everywhere?

In the Middle of Everywhere

In the Middle of Everywhere

Imagine for a minute that you are stuck in “space”. Let’s call that space, a basement. There is limited natural light, it is really cold in the Winter, floods with melting snow when Spring comes, hot in the Summer. For most part of the year, you cannot tell day or night, except by the hourly talk of your alarm clock or when your TV announces the news. Since you are in constant fear of missing your daybreak due to lack of sunlight, you have to keep some kind of artificial light on 24-hours. You decide, the lead light will be the cheapest.

Though, none of the solutions seems to work because you still feel stuck in a basement. You are losing yourself. You are losing your creativity, your energy, your imagination and your umph! Every idea you come up with, seems to evaporate right before you put it on paper. You really don’t know where you are headed. You go to bed everyday, with a promise to wake up and accomplish at least one goal per day. Yet, the energy dwindles from you half way into your goal of the day!

Stuck in the basement, you are losing your sense of direction. You are losing your confidence. You are losing your trust in miracles. You begin feeling that  life has given up on you, and connived against your flourishing and success. Yet, you cannot get back any time, minute or second that has gone by you.

The basement is swallowing your pride, as much as it is enhancing your bitterness. The basement is stimulating your delusion and destabilization more than your boosting your determination. The basement is where dreams no longer come true, where dreams die, dreams become confused, and entangled in mourning, regret, bouts of sadness and soul searching.

You want to get out of the basement. You vow to get out of the basement. You give yourself a timeframe to quit the basement. Yet you no longer seem to know how the paths to tread. Or perhaps you know, but the basement has eaten up your courage to get out. The only time you step out of the basement is for a cup of tea upstairs, or go for a run outside or to the bus stop. Or perhaps you are embarrassed to show your face to the world that has held you up, expecting a lot of you and from you. You would rather shut your face away from the world that expects high performance from you.

You are in the middle of everywhere, yet you are alone and lonely. You do not wanna be alone, yet alone is when you feel the most relaxed and humanized. What else is there to live for? The basement reminds you of all the responsibilities you have incurred in life. The knowledge you have and continue to amass, which needs to be put to use for yourself and those in your life. The basement reminds you to show it appreciation for shielding you from the wrath of the world, and give back to the world. The basement is where it all unfolds-folds-unfolds again. Yet, you cannot fold yourself up forever.

There is no noise in the basement, except for the occasional rotation of the extra fan, turned on when it is really cold, or the TV or clock at the top of the hour. The basement offers a huge place to breath ideas, recapture them before they disappear from your imagination, escaping your little fingers. Put them on paper, transport them into virtual reality, into other people’s spaces.

In the Middle of Everywhere is where your creativity should come back to life. Move out of the basement, hit the streets and never look back into the basement. You will be a giant, again, In the Middle of Everywhere….Everywhere but the basement!


When we Let Us hang down…..

ImageIn a society where everything costs something: time, money, friendships, love, family, we all tend to get a upright several times. 

No smiles, no family time or playtime, no money and love lost. 
Even the jokes sound bitter, lovers become bitter suicidal exes, as Tyler of the 5th then said
That moment of passion, intimacy, longing and bondage to each other when we made our children, are no more
Instead replaced by separate exits and entrances, distant living, estranged communication, gloomy faces.
Texting, gChat, Viber, is how we handle family business now, but sorry no more Video Chat
But then, we decide to let loose, forget about the worries, the failed dreams, the animosity, the sorrows of our hearts, dreams differed, failed marriage out of wedlock
We ignore the pain, and replace it with healing
We put antiseptic on gloomy faces, and wear our happy faces
You take a moment to reflect on what comes out of your mouth, stop it or say something beautiful
You let children be little, and give them a time of their life.
You realize that, YES! you too, can still be a babysitter -for others
You put off solo work, and take time to enjoy family and friends, even when others do not return that favor.
You win all those skeptical of your goodness, and ‘undercover mean people’
You go out for a run, when feeling distraught and tempted to withdraw, and come back ready to mix and mingle
You do not let a “NO” wear you down or bring your tears and grief. Instead, you go out and party. 
You choose to look at life positively, expect positive happenings and forget those who pump no excitement to your heart
And, just let Us hang down……beautifullyImage