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  1. For all minorities, especially people of African descent in America, racism is an everyday reality. It is ingrained in American life to such a point that it is almost invisible. It is in the preconceptions, perceptions, speech, social interactions, reactions, opportunities ,law enforcement, and values of American society. It affects both consciously and unconsciously everyday life and the self-esteem and efficacy of the American people. Speaking about its intrinsic role in American life is taboo . One speaks only about situation specific incidences.
    However, I am responding not about the reality of everyday racism, but about a query made by Ms. Lwanga in her article,” Everyday I have to understand Racism.” The statement:.”To my friends and family back in my country of origin I am an America, though not the same with my American friends here.”I understand your confusion and seek to help clarify the issue. Your family and friends in your country call you American similarly to how a French man who immigrate to America will be called by his family an American. In America, you still know your family’s language, culture, values, and exactly where you are from and who you are. This is not true for true African-Americans. You can more accurately describe yourself as ‘Nationality-American’. Much like how European immigrants would describe themselves: Irish-America, German-American. This is a very important distinction that helps to fight against the intrinsic racism you face in America and retard the devaluing of African-Americans. It combats the tribalization of Blacks in America.
    African American=a person of African descent whose ancestors were enslaved in the United States of America.

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