No! I Do Not Like Green Eggs. Gimme Yellow….

Perhaps nothing better illustrates my commitment to eating all-Natural and Organic with a Capital “O”, like the color I want my eggs. And I have a couple of things “Natural” that I believe in – Natural health remedies and regimens, Natural exercising and fitness, Natural childbirth, Natural sleep patterns, Natural living, most importantly my Natural foods and drinks.

Let me also clarify that I am committed to beer. Nothing comes closer to “Natural” than the “Brown Amber Nectar”! All fermented, with all natural spring water, and all germs killed. Right! Ok. maybe I am biased, but I’ll stick to that.

N’way, back to my eggs. I am the typical fruits and veggies eater. I love and enjoy my fruits and veggies. I do not buy meat, do not fall for that temptation. Nothing against meat per se. Then and again, I may eat meat, all kinds of meat, by social co-option. Not really a chicken and turkey person, unless it is “Tofurky.

Thankfully, I have plenty of meat substitutes when I need it, -tofu, eggplant or beets, plus meatless burgers, sausages, patties and meatballs. Of course not to forget an abundance of veggies -tomatoes, bell peppers, zucchini, squash, cucumber, the list goes on. I take great care to shop in the “Healthy”, “Organic” and “Natural” food section in our grocery store, spending a little more to get the finest foods.

Truth be told, I cut myself some slack on fruits and veggies, purchasing some without the “O” tag, like apples, strawberries, avocados, pears, grapes, to save a buck or two. Well, that is because I failed to find a difference in taste between the “certified “Os” and non-O among this category of my main fruit and veggie shopping. Strawberries, whether certified “O” or “Non-O ” the same tasteless buds to my tongue. Avocado O or non-O certified has the same yummy taste, and so do apples, pineapples and pears I have had. So, I cannot justify spending more money for the same taste or look.

But there is no alternative to Yellow eggs! Nothing! I don’t care whether your eggs comes straight from the farm to you, yours are free range, all-natural, whatever. If they are not yellow, I am not having them, no more!

See, I grew up with chickens in my farming family. No! We were not farmers by profession, but like most families then, we grew our own food and kept a few chickens in small coops. These chickens were free-range; they woke themselves up in the morning, left for the day to wander off into places, and returned late in the evening to sleep. They found their own food, except a few times we gave them leftovers from our food. For the most part, they did not find ‘fertilized foods’ in their food hunt, but worms, leftover foods, bugs, anything and everything wandering or lying around on the ground.

When the girl-chickens, aka hen came home to lay their eggs, which were always yellow! Later, we began seeing white “eggs”, bought from grocery stores. The chicken meat got bigger too; and bigger! We started calling the hens that lay Yellow eggs, the “local” hens, meaning they are native to the county [well, each geographical region claimed those hens. Their meat was tough, too. We called the hens with “White” eggs, Mzungu hens or “White Hens, implying they were foreign/exotic or originating from the world of [western] white people. The meat of the white chickens was soft, as well.

Fast forward, this child moves to America and all there is in abundance are the “white hens and chickens”, fat, with tender meat, and boil too quick. Given my low chicken tolerance, I did not develop a love for them. Moreover, all the stories about, how chickens in America are injected with growth hormones, with chemicals not exactly healthy for human consumption, deterred me from venturing into eating chicken. With that, follows my selectivity for the eggs I consume.

I buy my eggs with labels that they are “free-range”, organic feed and naturally fertilized. I will pay an extra penny to get the most health eggs. I will not care that you get your eggs direct from the farm; not every farmer uses organic products. I will tolerate the fact that my eggs might be transported a distance away from my geographical zone, a distance from my neighborhood grocery store. For as long as they are Yellow;


I will not eat Green Eggs

I do not like Green Eggs

I will not try them

I will not try them in a boat or on a goat

I will not eat them in the rain or on the train

I will eat my Yellow Eggs


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