The World Cup is the perfect Forgetfulness Therapy



How I wish the #WorldCup came around every year! I think we would live happy ever after! What do you think?

The “World Cup” or “FifaWorldCup” is the perfect “Forgetfulness Therapy”. It helps us forget our worries, our struggles, our animosities and our differences. We all come together to enjoy, “the beautiful game”, as it is famously referred to, with friends, loved ones, family and even enemies. Bitterness is put aside in the moment of high intensity, high adrenaline and endless sweating. We cheer on our teams, react to goal scores, fuss about fouls and broken limbs, penalties denied and poor referring. But at the end, we come together and discuss the game in glee or passion, even if your team lost.

Too bad it comes around only every four years. We would be living in everlasting bliss. With all the troubles of managing our lives, careers, families, relationships and interests, we often get weighed down with worries. Sometimes a smile is too precious to come through. Our lives are preoccupied with running around to take care of business, with little tile to catch a breath or sit down for a moment of enjoyment and reflection. Those are very much precious and pricey, not affordable to us all.

And the mont-long tournament is nearing the end. The magic of #TeamUSA, and the thick hands of #TimHoward brought us too much optimism and joy. The barely known Costa Rica and Colombia toping their groups against the mighty and well-established national team, then making it to quarter finals overwhelmed everyone watching or listening with respectable surprises. The early exit of world giants, England, Italy, Portugal, and defending champion (2010) Spain, reminded us that in life we are all vulnerable to a fall. While plenty of supporters of African teams expected Ghana (and maybe Cote d’Ivoire) to make it to the “Round of 16”, it was Nigeria and Algeria that brought Africa a little window of joy. Still, we gave them our support and love that they went out with a fight. Because at some point, everyone must go. This is a tournament for one winner.

As my son reminded me what I often tell him, it is not about winning, sometimes it is about having fun. True to that, as my strong-driven French team got edged out by my beautiful mechanically endowed Germans. Costa Rica and Belgium have bowed out too, as Argentina and The Netherlands advance to semi-finals -because success does not come from begin the best per se, but from doing the best. Brazil too is there, but without two of its main players – Silva and Neymar -reminding us that success comes with a few twists and turns.

By next Saturday, we’ll be saying goodbye to the World Cup. But we will carry with us fond memories. We will be more relaxed, whether watching from our kitchen or living screens, public viewing or right down in Copacabana, Brazil. The pain of your team losing is outlived by the memories of the beautiful game that brings the world all glued to one common agenda of happiness! Even politicians have joined the world of manufacturing peace, happiness and enjoyment, away from fomenting war, attack on each other and invasion. Global business has thrived and some sparked in gains.

No wonder twitter has cashed in on sparked activity since the World Cup started, ESPN has registered overwhelming traffic both online and TV channel. Coca cola, alcohol sales, data sales, entertainment, sports and apparel are in bliss, not only in the US but around the world. So, we return to focus on our work, to our families, and our investments with renewed sense of optimism, positive thinking and stronger team work and work ethic that we have learned from the different teams that have graced 2014 Fifa World Cup in Brazil


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