Running Four Seasons

Being a runner is fantabulous, but comes with all kinds of earthly challenges.Image

In Winter, I have to brave myself going out in the freezing cold, with layers covering nose, mouth, face, head and body. When it snows, I have to attach my Yaktrax to my running shoes to run on snow. The good thing, the cold pushes me to run faster and get the hell back inside. I usually come back with a frozen nose, frozen toes, sometimes, iced eyes. Yuk!

In Spring, my favorite month, the after-run allergies from the pollen are an inconvenience. Yes, the weather is mild and cool, but running through a box of Kleenex everyday, ain’t funky!

Need I talk about the heat and humidity of Summer runs! It is better when I go out very early morning, but when I wanna sleep in on Saturday and get out mid-morning, I make sure that I have plenty of water on me or carry change to buy water along the route. Good thing, I can wear my “barely-there” running clothes.

I do not have much beef against the Fall, especially soon after summer. Except for the latter part, getting close to Winter, when my body starts freaking out about the impending cold. Plus, it is kinda hard trail-running through the woods, with all the fallen leaves.

Oh! And then my Uganda runs, enduring street hecklers who “have never seen a woman run like a man”, so they say! Especially in my little shorts. And the killer hills of Kampala City are unavoidable. But at least, I can avoid the concrete along most of my running routes in the US.

Still, the post-run rewards are sans precédént. I feel so rejuvenated, smarter brain, and cleansed. Running is a perfect substitute for my lack of jacuzzi or sauna at home:)


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