Adiche was Right: The Dangers of a Single Story!!

So, I heard and read about this story in Uganda media a while ago, “Nurse Injects Child with HIV.”….

Now I understand, my girl C-Adiche was right, “the danger of a single story”…

“This is how I learned the other story, one that is not known to many. According to the people who have interacted with the nurse and the parents of the child, the nurse did not actually inject the child with blood.

What happened is that the child was on treatment and this nurse was supposed to administer a shot. Of course the nurse had a syringe in her hand. But we all know how much children fear pricking. So the child tried to resist and in the process the nurse pricked her (index) finger.”

If you watch the video via this link (, you will see how dehumanizing it is…to force and parade the ‘nurse’s’ face on public TV. a) if she is HIV+, as alleged herein, why would the media want the entire world to see her face? b) and if she is indeed the accused, can’t she be granted some kind of right to privacy, and protection because the allegations against her…might instigate mob justice toward her? 

I am saddened! This woman is no child, to be beaten around, pulled and frisked into places….she’s pretty much my mom’s age, I would assume. Moreover, she is still human, regardless of the accusations against her…#TGE


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