When we Let Us hang down…..

ImageIn a society where everything costs something: time, money, friendships, love, family, we all tend to get a upright several times. 

No smiles, no family time or playtime, no money and love lost. 
Even the jokes sound bitter, lovers become bitter suicidal exes, as Tyler of the 5th then said
That moment of passion, intimacy, longing and bondage to each other when we made our children, are no more
Instead replaced by separate exits and entrances, distant living, estranged communication, gloomy faces.
Texting, gChat, Viber, is how we handle family business now, but sorry no more Video Chat
But then, we decide to let loose, forget about the worries, the failed dreams, the animosity, the sorrows of our hearts, dreams differed, failed marriage out of wedlock
We ignore the pain, and replace it with healing
We put antiseptic on gloomy faces, and wear our happy faces
You take a moment to reflect on what comes out of your mouth, stop it or say something beautiful
You let children be little, and give them a time of their life.
You realize that, YES! you too, can still be a babysitter -for others
You put off solo work, and take time to enjoy family and friends, even when others do not return that favor.
You win all those skeptical of your goodness, and ‘undercover mean people’
You go out for a run, when feeling distraught and tempted to withdraw, and come back ready to mix and mingle
You do not let a “NO” wear you down or bring your tears and grief. Instead, you go out and party. 
You choose to look at life positively, expect positive happenings and forget those who pump no excitement to your heart
And, just let Us hang down……beautifullyImage

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