So much for Adidas Marathon TR 10

Needless to say, I returned them to the shop…..! BAD IDEA…they were painful to my knees and ankles! Really hard on the feet…NOT comfy AT ALL! Especially running on concrete….!

And, after just one day exercise – 23.6 miles run and 3.89 miles walk, they got ripped on the top!! see the pic herein below.Image

They are the greens on the top row…

And, I got them, a day before this CHEAPER option….Climacool Aerate 2 -…which are serving me MUCH better! More comfortable, perfect fitting (yet 2 sizes below the others), and more aerated! 

Lesson Learned: Never seek in-store recommendation for a marathon shoe [similar to asking for directions while on a blind run…just continue your blind running, and you will get there!]. Mistake I made, was to ask the sales associate if he has a good in-store marathon shoe. I think he wanted to make a sale, so he took me to the expensive ones.

I don’t mind paying an extra buck for a proper running shoe -especially when I am preparing for a marathon; I take these very seriously. Last year, I ordered a Saucony Kinvara 3, the Standard Chartered Nairobi Marathon….and I should say it is the most value-for-money shoe I have ever owned…I am serious! Ok, I have had Brooks that have impressed me before, until I lost one foot…somewhere. But my Saucony K-3 smoothly bounced off the concrete. I was super-protected. I did not feel no pressure on my foot or heels or knees.

But then I was in Uganda, and Runner’s World was my rescue. Now that I am back in the US, I decided to go into the store. and took advantage of Columbus Day Weekend Sale. They were priced at $69.99, quite more expensive in comparison to plenty of the shoes in-store that weekend, but still less than listing.  I bought them in Green color [but cannot find one with an online review]. Absolutely surprised how light and comfortable they felt stepping in them, and trying them around the store.

Then, I put them…one day…and that’s it. Fortunately, Adidas store accepted them back…and gave me my full refund. Thankfully! Now I can look for that Merrell shoe I tried on at Ready-Set-Run. I thought I had got deep in my head the model of the shoe. 

FYI, I was listening to  Drs TV show, and they were talking about Athletics shoes v. High Heels…which one wears out your knees and ankles faster. Verdict: Athletes shoes. Apparently, the extra padding makes you tip down on heel and knee as you run. placing plenty on pressure on heal, a lot of which is absorbed on ankle, knee joint. Overtime, this causes trouble around cartilage and pain and damage of cartilage.

Unlike barefoot walking or you land bare with high heel-shoes. I am very sure I will try out barefoot shoes. They are  natural; they mimic barefoot running. Drs said, in fact it is better to run barefoot on the ground or grass. I have actually tried barefoot running….in our tennis court. But that was not that easy on the concrete. But when we run around in the grass with my son, we go barefoot.

Anyway, off to find my next magic marathon shoe. For now, Adidas it is –the Climacool


Anyway, thought this might interest you


3 thoughts on “So much for Adidas Marathon TR 10

  1. I bought second hand Addidas basketball sneakers a few days ago, and they’re such a pain to my right – or left big toe ( Not sure which one ). Always leaving me with a toe ache every after a game. I think I’ll go for Nikeys’ next time I get money.

    • Ouch! that sucks!:(
      But as you can see from my pictures. I cannot say all Adidas are terrible. The other pair Coolclima work terrific…and I have no quarrels with them. Yet it is the pair i bought with my own wit, after trying on…I did not have to ask the Adidas Store Sales Rep if they were a good pair. I took them as a “second option” for daily running. But they positively surprised me over and above ones recommended to me as “Marathon shoes”. I am not a Nike person…I don’t think I have ever bought anything Nike…consciously..Good Luck, though with your next purchase…

  2. appreciate the love from y’all who take the time to read my post….and I enjoy getting to learn more about your own blogging lives…and adventures out there! Let’s keep sharing and communing

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