UGANDA’s Humanitarian Hand to Somalia

I have the good fortune of being both a dreamer, and an awake dreamer. That way, I make my dreams come true! And it seems the trend is gonna continue on this one.

Now I am getting my hands soiled by invading the pockets of Ugandans to donate toward Somali Famine Relief

I always dream of helping people and surprising them. I have been able to do a lot of that. I surprise myself too. This year might have started out on a good path for me. Was it because I met James Long, from UCSD, who have me a temp job with a big fat check? I spent a lot of my check on building my momma’s house. It is not yet complete but we’re still gonna do it. That is my giving out.

Then, I celebrated my momma’s 2011 birthday by raising money in just three days, UGX240,000 from a few individuals toward Sanyu Babies Home, the oldest children’s home in Uganda. We delivered amidst media coverage.

In July, I put out a fundraiser via paypal in celebration of my little baby’s turning three years toward uNight: For Children of Uganda,  and Kigwanya ECD: For Young Women and Teen Mothers of Uganda. That was close to UGX1,000,000. Great job Doreen!

Now, I am embarking Uganda Aids Somali Famine Relief. Those who say, Ugandans do not give to strangers because they give to many relatives and family are surely mistaken.

1. Have they forgotten that the spirit of giving and sharing is a key defining characteristic of Ugandans the world over?

2. Have they forgotten that we are our nation’s keepers? We have kept the peace in Sudan, DR, Congo and now Somalia?

3. Have they forgotten that Uganda People Defense Forces are one of ONLY two AU member states in Somalia, and in fact the lead force?

4. Have they forgotten how much Ugandans spend in bars, grocery stores, restaurants, you name it…that are not only owned by Ugandans but even foreigners.

Surely, we can make it happen, and we are gonna make it happen. And now that we have AMISOM endorsement, let the mind games begin. We are putting all limbs, open brains, eyes, ears and guts into this…Whooha!


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