We are Africans! Let Ubuntu Shine

It is true that I keep a blog already, where I write about each and everything personal and private. However, I have always wanted to start a professional blog; where I can share some of work accomplished, and work in progress. I also wanted to create a blog that has wider and diverse audience, not limited to my intimate friends. So, welcome to my public blog!

I am an African! And We are Africans! Since human origin started in Africa, each one of us in an African in many ways. For me the concept resonates even more, in the spirit of Thabo Mbeki’s I am An African poem, whom I respect dearly. Yet my experience living in different African countries and living with different Africans strengthens my commitment to Africa and PanAfricanism. I am also connected to the African in the Diaspora, not only through the culture we share but personally through parenting, as a mother of a child born out of a union with the continental-born African and the Diaspora African.

We as Africans pride ourselves as the emblems of Ubuntu, that spirit of communitarianism and the cradle of  humanity. The question is, can we still uphold that? Are we committed to remaining our neighbor’s keeper? Will I scratch your back? And will you scratch mine, back too? This is my call to attention for all of us, as we embark on a journey of upholding the glory of Africa, the prestige of Africans, the spirit of PanAfricanism and the commitment to our humanity.

Let us share with one another, reach out to one another and look out for one another. The boundaries that demarcate our geographical space in present day African states are as elusive and porous as the flow of water. If lakes can run through and connect across these boundaries, why not us? Of course we do this, our cultures are located across these fixtures, and many of us living in border communities have families across, and do cross very often non-stop. Let us not stop to light the neighbor’s fire, to share in our produce, to keep our watchful eye on the neighbor’s household and to embrace the spirit of giving. Because WE ARE AFRICANS!


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